Gregory Petrisor

Many civil disputes, including family breakdowns, can become complex. No two situations can ever be exactly the same, and great care must be taken to achieve a result that is sensitive to the parties and their circumstances. If a civil dispute or family breakdown leads to litigation in the courts, the process can quickly become very intimidating.

We are committed to assisting our clients in achieving the best resolution possible. In most cases, attempting to resolve matters by negotiation, including mediation, allows the parties to maintain control over the outcome, and to use their own creativity to tailor that outcome to best meet their individual circumstances. In many cases, when the parties are able to achieve a negotiated outcome, that outcome is superior to what a court could create. Unfortunately, however, resorting to litigation through the courts is sometimes necessary, and in those instances, people should have the benefit of legal counsel.

We are able to offer our clients assistance ranging from summary legal advice, Family Law Mediation, assistance in negotiation, and representation in Court if required. We can assist clients in areas of family law, family law mediation, and civil litigation.

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